Cost of a Jersey Shore Vacation Jumps Over 16%

The price of a Jersey Shore vacation will cost families 16.6% more than last year, according to research from Affinity Federal Credit Union. For the past year, Affinity has looked at Jersey Shore summer vacation activities and necessities to track cost changes over time.

The research showed double-digit increases across all four tourism-related categories for 2022. Travel, including gas and parking, spiked 31.4%; beach services, such as beach tags, chair and umbrella rentals, surged 18%; food and drink, including coffee, taffy and pizza, are up 10.5%; and leisure activities, including mini golf, amusement park rides, and parasailing, jumped 11.5%. The survey’s full findings, and ways to cope with rising costs, can be found on the Affinity website:

“No doubt, inflation will impact vacationers, but planning ahead for these higher prices allows families to still enjoy the Jersey Shore experience while remaining on budget,” said Jacqui Kearns, chief brand, strategy, and wellbeing officer of Affinity.

“We are seeing higher prices impacting consumer behavior. However, we also expect consumers will continue to spend money on meaningful traditions and experiences with their families, while maintaining a closer awareness of their spending,” added Kearns.

Affinity’s team of financial specialists suggest families prioritize their top activities and budget items, while shopping around for extras and non-experience based activities, like ice cream or beach chair rentals.

Research was conducted via a May 2022 survey of New Jersey shoretown businesses and compared to products and services surveyed in summer 2021. Businesses or goods included in the research are not endorsed by or members of Affinity Federal Credit Union.

Affinity has more than 20 branches across the tri-state region and serves more than 209,000 members across the US. It supports its members’ financial wellbeing through a range of products and services, including education seminars, credit counseling, financial advising, high yield savings accounts, loans, and rewards programs.

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