Control Products Manufacturer Increases Sales by $700,000 and Hires Six New Employees because of Workforce Training

Trenton-based Zytron Control Products, which provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) temperature and process control products for a variety of domestic markets and to multi-national corporations, was able to improve efficiencies and productivity through workforce training and Lean manufacturing initiatives.

As a result, the organization realized:

  • $700,000 in new sales
  • Six new employees
  • $665,000 in cost savings

While the company was previously doing well, offshore competition was threatening the organization’s long-term growth. In order to combat offshore competitors, Zytron wanted to improve on-time delivery and quality to customers while increasing productivity.

Zytron connected with the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. (NJMEP), a not-for-profit that helps manufacturers become more profitable by increasing sales, reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and spurring job creation. NJMEP and its resource partner worked closely with Zytron to implement workforce development and Lean manufacturing training. Assisted by NJMEP, Zytron applied for a New Jersey Department of Labor Skills4Jersey Training Grant to help offset some of the training costs.

Employees were trained in key areas such as Value Stream Mapping, 5S for workplace organization, using standard work methods in cells, cellular flow manufacturing and pull kanban systems. The company also invested in a Lean introduction class that demonstrated how Lean tools are applied and its benefits.

As a result of the training, production doubled in some areas, and quality improved significantly reducing any required rework. Lead times decreased dramatically, and Zytron achieved a perfect on-time delivery record within one year after the Lean standards were integrated. The results and impact were collected and reported by an independent party.

“This training has had a huge impact on our organization. It was a first for most of our employees – they loved it and the business has benefited from it as well. The Lean methods have improved our processes helping our employees work more efficiently and removing waste from our current operation,” said John Wilkinson, President of Zytron.

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