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ContactSCG Formed to Help Market and Hire Contact Tracers

Government agencies, non-profits, and private industry all are expected to hire upward of 300,000 health detectives – known as contact tracers – to identify and interview individuals who test positive for COVID-19 and then trace those they’ve recently been in contact with.

To help organizations meet this challenge, the highly specialized recruitment advertising division of SCG Advertising + Public Relations has launched a dedicated unit called ContactSCG to focus on helping organizations market and hire contact tracers. The 60-year-old, Parsippany-based firm – with offices in Atlanta, Philadelphia, California and Florida – has, for decades, provided talent acquisition and recruitment advertising strategy and services to a wide range of healthcare, government, first responder, and non-profit clients.

“This is an astounding number of potential openings for a job that until now hasn’t even been researched by the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” says Mike Gatta, SCG’s vice president, national development. “It’s a major recruitment challenge for all 50 states, 16 territories, and thousands of local health departments – not to mention large corporations that may want their own to ensure the safety of their employees.”

Gatta notes that SCG has extensive experience in recruitment marketing, handling millions of jobs in all industries, including healthcare and government. By using the PESO model of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media, the agency has the tools to work with marketing and HR departments to quickly scale up and deliver results.

SCG’s recruitment marketing campaigns include a broad range of tools, including job-posting optimization for aggregators; digital and mobile strategies that include the Web, social, and shared media; and sophisticated programmatic advertising. Also featured are broadcast, out-of-home, and other traditional forms of advertising, plus diversity efforts, public relations, influencer outreach, special events, and including virtual job fairs. SCG is currently an approved vendor for government entities across the nation.

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