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Consumers Name NJ Auto Insurer the Best in the US

Clearsurance, the first crowdsourced community of insurance consumers, has announced its first annual list of the top auto insurance companies for 2018 and West Trenton-based New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company has come out on top.

Clearsurance rankings are the first derived solely from more than 50,000 customer reviews submitted by current and former policyholders on its website in 2017. This means the list is based on real consumer experiences and feedback—and consumers can now leverage the wisdom of the crowd to make the best insurance decision possible.

Over the past year, the company has collected more than 39,300 car insurance policy reviews from current and former policyholders, based on their experiences with their auto insurance company.

To rank car insurance companies, Clearsurance uses its proprietary algorithm that analyzes a range of inputs from a community of unbiased insurance consumers. It determines a company’s score based on consumer ratings for the overall company and customer service, as well as their likelihood to recommend and renew with the company.

The reviews collected are from consumers located in all 50 states, which ensures that each state is represented. Only companies with at least 100 reviews in 2017 were eligible for our top 10 ranking.

1.New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co. (NJM)

Clearsurance score: 4.70

Number of reviews: 143

Despite being one of the smallest companies to make the top 10—selling insurance exclusively in New Jersey and Pennsylvania—New Jersey Manufacturers received the highest rating of any company with more than 100 reviews from its policyholders. The consumers in those markets have praised NJM for fair prices and reliable handling for auto claims.


Clearsurance score: 4.69

Number of reviews: 2,131

USAA is a national company that is exclusive to military members and their families, so not everyone is eligible to buy its insurance. But, based on the reviews of consumers who have dealt with USAA, those who are eligible would be wise to consider USAA when shopping for car insurance. The company has more than 28,000 employees and is heralded for its outstanding customer service.

3.Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Clearsurance score: 4.51

Number of reviews: 231

Amica is the highest-rated company on our top 10 list that writes auto insurance in all 50 states and is not limited to eligible-only members. Founded in 1907 in Rhode Island, Amica is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the United States. The company offers a wide range of coverages and discounts, including multi-policy discounts for consumers who combine homeowners insurance with an auto policy.

4.Shelter Mutual Insurance Company

Clearsurance score: 4.49

Number of reviews: 142

Shelter is a midsize insurance company that sells various lines of insurance in 18 states. Its minimum coverage includes roadside assistance and new car replacement. Plus, the Missouri-based company offers a bevy of discounts to its policyholders for a chance to lower their premiums.

5.Erie Insurance Group

Clearsurance score: 4.48

Number of reviews: 516

Erie is one of the smallest car insurance companies to crack the top 10 list, operating in 12 states. The Pennsylvania-based company offers its Erie Rate Lock feature, which holds rates steady, unless you update your policy by changing cars or addresses. Erie also offers a diminishing deductible for each consecutive year that you are claim free.

6.Auto-Owners Insurance Group

Clearsurance score: 4.45

Number of reviews: 184

While not a truly national company, Auto-Owners is sizable. It sells insurance in 26 states and boasts 2.7 million policyholders across its various lines of insurance. The Michigan-based company offers insurance solely through independent agents.


Clearsurance score: 4.34

Number of reviews: 1,248

Well-known for its roadside assistance and membership discounts, AAA also is highly regarded for its car insurance by its policyholders. Although AAA services over 57 million members all over the continent, its customer service is personalized via regional clubs.

8.The Hartford

Clearsurance score: 4.33

Number of reviews: 313

This national insurance company is known for its discounts offered to AARP members. But The Hartford offers additional discounts, such as its 12-month rate protection, which protects policyholders from having their rates fluctuate every six months. The Connecticut-based company has been in business for more than 200 years.


Clearsurance score: 4.28

Number of reviews: 8,670

Geico, famous for its talking gecko commercials, was the most reviewed car insurance company on Clearsurance in 2017. Many policyholders praise the company for its prices and discounts, as well as the functionality of its mobile app.

10.American Family Insurance

Clearsurance score: 4.27

Number of reviews: 533

American Family has come a long way since it started in 1921, when it was solely focused on offering car insurance to farmers. Nearly 100 years later, American Family now sells insurance in 19 states and boasts more than 8.3 million total policies.


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