Peter Connolly

Connolly Announces Goals & Vision as New Center Director and CEO of NJMEP

Connolly Plans to Continue Pushing NJMEP to Even Greater Height

Last week, Peter Connolly took the reins as program center director and CEO of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP). Connolly, who replaced John Kennedy after 11 years of service, is a senior executive with 40 years of experience in operations, business development, and general management in the aerospace and defense industry, on top of serving as chairman of NJMEP’s Board of Directors for over 12 years.

Connolly said his goal is to “maintain the centers respected status in the NIST MEP National Network and continue ensuring the New Jersey manufacturing industry has a resource it can lean on—one that will support each individual business’s growth, productivity, and efficiency. It will be vital for the team and I to do all we can to maintain the momentum of visibility that the industry has received under John’s guidance, and it is my responsibility to push that to an even higher level.”

He continued, “I am excited to take on this role after years of supporting this organization as Chairman of the Board of Directors. My years of experience running manufacturing companies, my time as an NJMEP client, and the incredible team here provides me with all the tools needed to ensure NJMEP and the New Jersey manufacturing industry will continue to progress and thrive.”

Connolly said he will maintain NJMEP’s commitment to current programs, especially in the areas of Workforce Development, Supply Chain resiliency and transparency, and supporting manufacturers on their journey to adopting innovative technologies.

Additionally, he says he will renew NJMEP’s commitment to serving South Jersey-based manufacturing businesses through partnerships, new geographic-specific programs, and outreach.

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