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Comcast Introduces New Performance Pro 75 Mbps Speed Tier and Increases Blast! to 150 Mbps Across Its Northeast Division

Comcast announces it is increasing the speed of its popular Blast! tier by almost 50 percent to 150 Mbps (formerly 105 Mbps) and introducing a new Performance Pro speed tier of 75 Mbps. New and existing customers who subscribe to many popular Xfinity Triple Play bundles will now receive Performance Pro, tripling their download speeds from 25 Mbps to 75 Mbps. These latest increases demonstrate Comcast’s ongoing commitment to continue to increase speeds for its customers, as it has virtually every year for more than the past decade, to support the increasing number of Internet connected devices in the home.

“Today, our customers simultaneously connect to the Internet through multiple smartphones, tablets and laptops, and whether it’s to stream, shop, video chat, upload photos or do homework, we’re committed to ensuring they get the best overall experience with blazing fast speeds and the most Wi-Fi coverage, all delivered over our state-of-the-art network,” said Kevin Casey, president of Comcast Cable’s Northeast Division, which includes 14 states from Maine to Virginia and the District of Columbia.

The new speeds and tiers will be available to the vast majority of new and existing customers starting later this month. Customers subscribing to eligible Triple Play bundles will receive the new, 3x faster Performance Pro speeds, and all new and existing customers with Blast! speed tiers will have their speeds go from 105 Mbps to 150 Mbps, an almost 50 percent increase. To get the new speeds, customers may need to re-start their modems. Comcast will also notify customers who may need to upgrade their modems to receive the increased speeds. Customers who lease modems from Comcast will be able to receive upgraded modems at no additional charge. A list of approved modems can be found online at


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