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$1M in Sponsored Services for 35 NJ Aspiring Cannabis Businesses

Cognitive Harmony Technologies (CHT), a Chicago-based company designed to streamline the cannabis business license application process, has announced plans to sponsor up to 35 prospective cannabis business license applicants from underrepresented communities in the state of New Jersey as part of their CHT Accelerator Sponsorship Program.

CHT will provide each selected applicant with a development and consultation package worth $30K (a total of $1 million worth of resources), including their game-changing platform – the CHT Accelerator – at no cost, furthering its mission to make the industry more accessible to small businesses and communities impacted by the war on drugs.

“CHT was created to empower applicants who are typically discounted from the complex and convoluted business licensing process due to their lack of resources, investment capital or ability to afford a hundred-thousand-dollar consulting firm,” said CHT Co-founder and CEO Walter Moore, a software engineer who also co-founded the cannabis social equity incubator Perception Farms. “We want small business owners, scrappy start-ups and equity applicants who are passionate about the cannabis industry to thrive and avoid potential roadblocks, including a lack of capital. We’re excited to help our sponsored applicants pave their path of success, and open the door for a more equitable cannabis industry in New Jersey and beyond.”

The criteria for CHT sponsorships include that applicants must be starting a retail cannabis dispensary in New Jersey, and share CHT’s values of cannabis culture, the entrepreneurial spirit, and accessibility for all. Priority will be given to those who demonstrate a rock-solid work ethic and determination to see the application through to submission.

Selected applicants, who will be announced December 1st 2022, will be inducted into CHT’s 8-week cohort and receive access to CHT’s full suite of software and services to compete effectively for a cannabis business license and build their company and brand, including:

  • The proprietary CHT Accelerator, which offers a master checklist and automates redundant processes, enabling applicants to submit without common mistakes like missing materials
  • CHT’s full network of referrals, including ancillary businesses across the supply chain
  • End-to-end application development and project management
  • Consulting throughout the entire application process

“The CHT team has been in your shoes, walking this path ourselves, from license applicant to retail, cultivation, and manufacturing operations,” said Chief Business Development Officer and CFO Charles Cherqui, a physicist who co-founded CHT with Moore after running into his own set of obstacles applying for a cannabis business license. “We want to share what we’ve learned and make the industry more accessible to passionate small business owners and up-and-coming entrepreneurs so the market isn’t saturated with large corporations and MSOs.”

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