Cleanup Proposed for Hercules, Inc. Superfund Site in Gibbstown

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a cleanup plan for the Hercules, Inc. Superfund site in Gibbstown. Previous chemical manufacturing operations at the site contaminated the soil, sediment, and groundwater with volatile organic compounds. EPA is proposing a combination of excavation and treatment to address this contamination.

“EPA is proposing several cleanup technologies that we believe will address the contaminated soil, sediment, and groundwater at this site and protect the health of this community,” said EPA Regional Administrator Pete Lopez. “Under EPA’s oversight, the site has been assessed and has resulted in the treatment of two billion gallons of contaminated groundwater. This work is at the very core of EPA’s mission, and we are dedicated to continuing our significant progress in addressing contamination at this site.”

EPA is proposing to excavate and treat the top four feet of contaminated soil using naturally-occurring microorganisms to destroy or break down the contaminants and treat in-place soil located deeper than four feet using chemicals to spur naturally-occurring microorganisms to destroy or break down the contaminants. EPA is also proposing to excavate and dispose of lead-contaminated soil and excavate and treat contaminated sediment from Clonmell Creek as well as an on-site storm water basin. The proposed plan also calls for reuse of treated soil and sediment on the site as soil cover, and continued extracting and treating of contaminated groundwater.

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