Christie Administration Rolls Out New Web Applications

The Christie Administration recently rolled out three new web-based applications designed to enhance user experience and increase efficiency. The new web automation applications streamline the processes of applying for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI), Family Leave Insurance (FLI) and Public Works Contractor Registration Certificates.

“We are excited to offer an efficient and convenient new way for users to access our services,” said Commissioner Harold J. Wirths of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. “The new web applications will aid in faster processing of claims and provide greater transparency as users can check their status online, any time of day.”

Prior to the launch of the web-based applications, applicants had to file for TDI and FLI via fax or mail, requiring agents to manually complete data entry. The new system modernizes the application processes and decreases the number of staff required to process an application. Because application data will enter the system more quickly, determinations can be made sooner and benefits can be distributed more efficiently.

The TDI and FLI claim automation applications provide a secure self-service platform, offering all parties 24/7 access to the application. Using the new system, applicants are able to file a new claim for TDI or FLI, complete a prior claim, and view forms. Employers and physicians are also able to submit certifications electronically.

The Public Works Contractor Registration service is a user-friendly application that streamlines the application process to obtain a Public Works Contractor Registration Certificate for contractors and subcontractors who bid on or engage in the performance of any public works project. Through this service, customers may apply for new applications or process renewals. Additionally, the service integrates important customer information by allowing out-of-state applicants who plan to keep payroll and business records outside of New Jersey to file.

The new TDI and FLI web application can be accessed here. The Public Works Contractor Registration Certificate applications can be accessed here.

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