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Centenary University Announces Interim President

Centenary University announces the first phase of its leadership transition plan, following the resignation of President David P. Haney last month. Dr. Rosalind Reichard, a former president of Emory & Henry College, will assume the role of interim president for Centenary University effective January 1. Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Amy D’Olivo will be in charge of the University during the month of December 2018.

A member of the Board of Trustees for the past 5 years, Dr. Reichard—who has now stepped down from the Board—is uniquely qualified to ensure an effective transition, thanks to both her intimate knowledge of Centenary University and her proven success as the President of Emory & Henry College, as a scholar and as a consultant to other leading universities.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve Centenary University as its Interim President,” Dr. Reichard said. “Centenary is an institution that I admire and love for its dedication to being an inclusive and collaborative learning community with the interests of its students always a first priority.”

“Having witnessed firsthand the powerful contributions Dr. Reichard has made as a Board Member, we are honored to welcome her as our new Interim President,” said Board Chairman Wolfgang Gstattenbauer. “We know that Centenary University will benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience that made Dr. Reichard’s seven-year tenure as President of Emory & Henry College so successful. And we are grateful to Vice President D’Olivo for continuing to provide the effective leadership and dedication to the University for which she is so well known and respected.”

This first phase of the University’s leadership transition was developed by the transition task force, which presented it to Centenary’s Board of Trustees on November 29, 2018. The Board approved the recommendation as presented.

The University and Dr. Haney have mutually agreed to amend the original timeline for his departure, as he pursues new endeavors and the University moves forward with new leadership.

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