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Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Launches ‘EngageAC’

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) recently launched ‘EngageAC,’ a first of its kind interactive website platform which contains demographic information specific to Atlantic City and will be useful in addressing various economic and community development priorities.

‘EngageAC’ breaks down key demographic sectors based on Census data and builds upon the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping system which is critical in land use planning and policy development in Atlantic City. Currently, the CRDA oversees land use planning within the Tourism District.

“The development and implementation of this valuable tool reaffirms CRDA’s commitment to both economic and community development projects here in Atlantic City,” said CRDA Executive Director, Matt Doherty. “We are proud of the work the CRDA has done this year and with this tool, we will further address those challenges we face in Atlantic City.”

The GIS data featured on this platform comes from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 2014-2018 5-Year Data Profile. The site also features the Tourism District Master Plan, zoning regulations and maps and offers a strategic frame work for near-term, midterm and long-term projects in order to stimulate private investment and the financial stability of Atlantic City.

“Through ‘EngageAC’, the CRDA will provide the foundation for the expansion of policy development built on data. This tool will continue to adapt to the needs of the community and it is our hope that it will become the premier place for data specific to Atlantic City,” said Deputy Executive Director, Rose Farias.

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