BlockSafe Releases Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet Protection App

BlockSafe Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of the CryptoDefender mobile app, the first to protect cryptocurrency wallets on mobile devices. CryptoDefender does this by proactively preventing keylogging malware from stealing crypto wallet login credentials. Additionally, CryptoDefender includes a password vault, a secure browser, a strong password generator and an OATH compliant two-factor authentication token. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

“$9 million is stolen from crypto wallets every day,” said BlockSafe CEO George Waller. “Mobile wallets are an easy target for hackers. Your tokens are more at risk than you can imagine. The release of CryptoDefender for mobile devices in conjunction with our recently launched CryptoDefender for desktops means that over 25 million wallet users now have the ability to properly secure their digital assets.”

The CryptoDefender app is available for a $9.99 monthly subscription and can be installed on up to five different devices. The app includes several other features that work in conjunction with keystroke encryption to protect crypto wallets and digital identities: keystroke encryption prevents keylogging spyware, the password vault encrypts and securely stores passwords, the secure browser prevents Man-in-the-Browser attacks, the password generator creates and stores strong passwords up to 99 characters and the OATH compliant OTP generator enables users to generate one-time passcodes for websites that allow two-factor authentication. “CryptoDefender is the industry’s most comprehensive security solution for desktops, laptops & mobile devices,” says Waller.

“Not enough attention has been paid to mobile cybersecurity despite the perpetual headlines about serious hacks,” George continued.  “Many of us buy, sell, and move cryptocurrencies from our phones and desktops; if one device is protected while the other remains vulnerable to intrusion, they both are at risk. CryptoDefedner is a tremendous milestone as it represents phase one in our three-part mission to secure the blockchain ecosystem.”

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