BASF and New York Jets Work Together to Enhance ‘Team Chemistry’ at MetLife Stadium

BASF and the New York Jets will create “Team Chemistry” for the five remaining games of the 2015 Jets football season. Jets fans will have the opportunity to tailgate with BASF and discover innovative solutions for a more sustainable future in energy and material efficiency and water conservation.

“The New York Jets are very pleased to be partnering with BASF in an effort to enhance ‘Team Chemistry,’” New York Jets President Neil Glat said. “We are always looking for ways to improve our game day experience and BASF is here to help with the effort. With their presence at MetLife Stadium, fans gain a greater knowledge of the science involved in every game, along with tips to create a more sustainable game day.”

“Sporting events bring together many elements of chemistry and innovation, and the collaboration with the Jets, PepsiCo Recycling and MetLife Stadium help drive the importance of planning for the future,” said Charlene Wall-Warren the Director of Sustainability of BASF Corporation. “Events like this allow BASF to showcase how chemistry and our products fit into the puzzle.”

Starting at the November 8th game versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, fans can visit the BASF tailgating tent to learn more about innovative products and solutions created through chemistry, and enjoy opportunities to win prizes, including a signed Jets jersey.

Additionally, BASF is also partnering with PepsiCo to promote recycling through PepsiCo Recycling. Launched in 2010, the PepsiCo Recycling program provides consumers with an easy and convenient way to recycle on the go. To date, more than 104 million containers totaling more than five million pounds have been recycled through the program.

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