ARI Tech & Innovation Center opens in Mt. Laurel

ARI®, a privately owned global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, has recently opened the ARI Technology and Innovation Center in Mount Laurel.

The 107,000-square-foot building was designed to help companies around the world improve their overall bottom lines by saving money on their fleets. Located in the same corporate center as the company’s global headquarters, the Technology and Innovation Center will be home to the company’s 200-plus member information technology team. Additionally, a state-of-the-art call center enables ARI’s highly qualified team of technicians to streamline their workflow and manage call time through the use of real time metrics and data that is visible from the one-of-a-kind Command Center. A significant number of ARI’s 400-plus ASE certified technicians will call this new building home. The center also houses sales, marketing and Partners In Excellence, the team responsible for ARI’s quality management and employee engagement programs.

“We are very proud and excited to officially open the ARI Technology and Innovation Center,” said ARI President Chris Conroy. “This new building represents our company’s steadfast commitment to investing in both our people and the latest technologies to the benefit of our clients. We know that if we support our employees by providing them with world class facilities and the tools to drive innovation, they will continue to develop the kinds of industry-leading solutions that our customers and the marketplace have come to expect from us.”

ARI has continuously proven its dedication to advancing technology that mines and analyzes data to uncover ways to drive fleet efficiency up and total cost of ownership down. One-quarter of ARI’s operating budget is devoted to the development and implementation of technology and information systems that provide vital insight into every aspect of its clients’ fleets and drivers.

“Some companies in fleet management world are just now realizing how critical Big Data and technology are to our industry. But that is something we have known for more than a decade, and our commitment to continually leading through investment and innovation has put us – and more importantly, our customers – out in front of the rest,” Conroy said.

The Technology and Innovation Center has room for 650 employees and is currently is home to approximately 550 individuals. Significant thought was given to creating the new work environment, which can be seen in the open floor plan, the abundance of natural light throughout the building, the noise cancelling technology being used to create an ambient feel for the employees, and the availability of collaboration spaces and “huddle rooms” – small conference rooms outfitted with video conferencing technology – to allow employees to freely come together to share ideas and work on projects. On the third floor, which houses the call center, there is a “Training Nest” that allows new employees who have completed their full training to still work closely with leadership to ensure they are fully integrated into the ARI culture and feel comfortable as they continue to grow within their role with the company.

The company also sought to incorporate many of the standards of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED recommendations, including the use of LED lighting throughout the building which is responsive and will shut off if the natural light reaches sufficient levels as well as the installation of water efficient low flow fixtures.

“At the end of the day, this is really about our people,” said Conroy. “We know that by investing in our people, by giving them a work space that allows them to achieve and excel, that will pay dividends far beyond what any balance sheet can measure. And that, in turn, will result in great products, solutions and service for our clients – and that is our ultimate goal.”

In the coming months, ARI plans to unveil several technology solutions that offer new ways to uncover cost savings in a company fleet.

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