Anhelo Launches to Help Latino Seniors Navigate Medicare

New Medicare Insurance Agency Seeks to Empower Older Latinos to Obtain Quality Health Care

Fort Lee-based Anhelo announced its launch as a new offering dedicated to helping the Latino community navigate the complexities of Medicare.

Coming at a critical moment in the lives of Hispanic Americans, who face compounding health disparities as well as new challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis, Anhelo begins its mission to support an underserved market. According to U.S. Census data, the number of Hispanics who qualify for Medicare is accelerating every year, yet nearly 70% of Latino adults have little to some knowledge of Medicare programs. Driven by a passion for accessibility and education, Anhelo is a company solely developed and designed for the Latino community.

To demonstrate its commitment to the Hispanic community, Anhelo has selected Dr. Juan Rivera as its official brand ambassador. Dr. Rivera is a board certified physician and well-respected chief medical correspondent at Univision.

“I am excited to be partnering with Anhelo, addressing a long-standing pain point for this population. Anhelo will help our Hispanic seniors understand their available health care alternatives in a simple way, completely serviced in Spanish by a team who truly understands them,” said Dr. Rivera. “This is a game changer that will help this community get the care that they deserve.”

Anhelo evokes the dream of living a healthy and complete life, long into retirement. “We recognized there was an unmet need and deep desire for the elderly to be heard in this community and for their unique requirements to be taken into account when reviewing their Medicare options,” said Denira Borrero, managing director of Anhelo. “Anhelo is not about transactions, but rather about empowering Latinos with accurate information in their native language to help them make the best decision for them and their family.”

At Anhelo, customers are treated like familia. With one call, they will get answers to all their questions and understand their Medicare coverage options. Anhelo’s Customer Care Team is committed to ensuring plan holders take advantage of the benefits available to them and that the plan selected meets their needs with check-ins throughout the year.

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