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Angell Named US CEO of Applegreen Electric

Glen Rock-based Applegreen Electric, a leading Electric Vehicle charging network, has appointed Holly Angell as CEO of its US division. Angell is an experienced global executive with an impressive 25-year track record in retail and energy sectors, particularly in the North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. In her new role, she will lead the US Applegreen Electric team to grow its presence and build on the success thus far in establishing universal fast charging across the Applegreen Electric network and seek out new opportunities across the US as the shift toward electric driving accelerates, transforming the way in which we commute.

Prior to joining Applegreen Electric, Angell served as the senior vice president of construction, engineering, energy and facilities at 7-Eleven where she led the development of 7Charge, 7-Elevens’s EV charging network. Angell has held several leadership roles at major global companies such as Dairy Farm Group in Hong Kong and Coles in Australia. Throughout her career, she has been an avid advocate for sustainability and technology as a catalyst for exceeding customer expectations.

Eugene Moore, group CEO of Applegreen Electric remarked, “We are deeply committed to our customers in the United States and providing them with access to world-class rapid EV charging. We are extremely grateful to have someone of Holly’s caliber join Applegreen Electric to lead the US team. Holly’s experience and expertise is critical to leading our growing team as we continue to deliver on our mission and explore new opportunities.”

Currently, Applegreen Electric operates and hosts EV charging in nine states in the United States across the Applegreen network, providing rapid universal EV charging to customers while also ensuring they have access to high quality facilities and popular QSR brands. Applegreen Electric considers economic, environmental, and social responsibility an integral part of its corporate philosophy and understands the contribution Applegreen Electric can make toward a more sustainable future by being an integral part of the DCFC infrastructure across the US.

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