AmeriHealth NJ, Quartet Health Collaborate to Address Behavioral Health Needs

AmeriHealth New Jersey announced a collaboration with Quartet Health (Quartet) to address members’ behavioral health needs. The collaboration with Quartet will help AmeriHealth New Jersey focus on behavioral health needs magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic and will help providers easily refer their patients for care, and help patients easily access appropriate care for their needs.

Through Quartet’s secure and virtual platform, doctors in the AmeriHealth New Jersey network can easily screen and refer their patients for behavioral health care. AmeriHealth New Jersey fully insured members can also be referred to Quartet by an AmeriHealth New Jersey case manager and will soon have the ability to sign up for care through the platform on their own.

Rather than just giving their patients a phone number to call or a website to visit, Quartet’s SmartMatch technology matches people to the right behavioral health care for their needs, such as in-person or virtual therapy and psychiatry. Quartet’s platform fosters collaboration between a person’s behavioral health provider and referring provider to help them get the support and treatment they need.

“This past year has been incredibly challenging for so many people, causing anxiety, stress and other behavioral health challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said AmeriHealth New Jersey Market president Mike Munoz. “We’re excited to work with Quartet Health to provide physicians in our network a solution they can use to provide our members access to high quality behavioral health care – either in person or through telehealth.”

Americans’ mental health is the worst it’s been in two decades. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, more than half of American adults believe the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on their mental health. AmeriHealth New Jersey, specifically, saw about 80 telebehavioral health claims in January 2020. By September 2020, that number jumped to more than 3,500.

“Quartet is excited to work with AmeriHealth New Jersey to meet the behavioral health needs of their members,” said Puneet Singh, CEO of Quartet.  “The demand for behavioral health care is higher today than ever before. We applaud AmeriHealth’s commitment to addressing the needs of the community. The Quartet partnership will help people quickly and easily get the most appropriate behavioral health care for their specific needs.”

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