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America’s SBDC New Jersey Appoints Small Business Owners to Statewide Board

Brenda Hopper, NJSBDC network’s chief executive officer and state director, and Deborah Smarth, chief operating officer and associate state director, have appointed Dr. Sayed Ibrahim and Brian McDonough as members of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers network Advisory Board.

“We’re recruiting successful small business owners from various industry sectors to enhance insights and perspectives concerning new services needed by small business owners and entrepreneurs,” Hopper said. “Both SBDC clients have promoted our program in their communities and their participation on our advisory board will have added-value to our network.”

Dr. Sayed Ibrahim, who leads Health and Natural Beauty USA, Inc. (located in Piscataway), is a client of NJSBDC at Rutgers-New Brunswick and a 2016 NJSBDC Success Award Winner. Dr. Ibrahim left his senior chemist position at a Fortune 500 company to start his company and create a premium toothpaste product without harsh chemicals or abrasives, instead, incorporating natural ingredients for gentle oral care. After years of vigorous scientific testing, SprinJene toothpaste is now being distributed in major food & drug chains as well as health food stores.

Brian McDonough, who is a business partner of Technical Integration Services, LLC (located in Fairfield), is a client of SBDC of Northwest Jersey and a 2014 NJSBDC Success Award Winner. The company provides high-quality, cost effective data center solutions and services for small, medium and large size companies. The company’s key services include technical support, helpdesk services, off-site back up, and secure hosted private cloud solutions.

“We’re glad that both business owners agreed to join our Board,” Smarth added.  “As clients of our network and understanding the full range of the network’s small business assistance services, they will contribute greatly to our future vision and statewide program resources.”

“It’s an honor to serve on this state board,” said Dr. Sayed Ibrahim. “I’m looking forward to giving back to the small business community and this is a way of assisting that cause.”

“I’m glad to be part of SBDC’s board,” said Brian McDonough. “I look forward to providing input and helping in any way I can.”

“We’re confident that both members will share knowledge about the sectors from which they do business, and provide recommendations that are useful for our services mission,” said Hopper.

“Both clients’ companies were assisted by SBDC, so these new board members understand the big impact the program’s assistance has on small business owners and entrepreneurs path to success,” added Smarth.

The 12 member board engages with America’s SBDC New Jersey to provide their insights, perspectives and know-how concerning organizational, operational, and business improvement processes, setting the standard for enhanced business services and assistance.

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