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Alpine Residential to Build Scholars Village at SciTech Scity Innovation Campus

Liberty Science Center has selected Alpine Residential, a New York-based developer of residential housing nationwide, to create Scholars Village at SciTech Scity. Scholars Village is anticipated to consist of two state-of-the-art, sustainable 200,000-square-feet, 200-unit market-rate apartment buildings, as well as ground floor retail space and parking, for entrepreneurs, teachers, students, families, and individuals who want to be part of a community that is harnessing the power of science to create a better world.

SciTech Scity is the Center’s planned 30-acre “City of Tomorrow” that will launch and grow dozens of world-changing science and technology companies and reimagine public school science education. It will bring together entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, students, and other thinkers and doers who share renowned computer scientist Alan Kay’s prescription that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

“The Scholars Village residential housing is essential to making SciTech Scity a 24/7 community, and we engaged a first-rate developer,” said Paul Hoffman, LSC president and CEO. “Alpine Residential shares our vision of invention and social impact and has deep knowledge of Jersey City. We are excited to be working with them, and look forward to getting started.”

Alpine Residential, which has significant experience in the Jersey City market, including 500 units in the Morris Canal Redevelopment Area adjacent to LSC, will incorporate innovative systems and sustainable technologies into Scholars Village. These may include greywater/stormwater recycling (integrated with the Center); solar energy collection and storage; AR and/or VR leasing and interior design; 3D printing set up in units; composting integrated into trash removal; smart HVAC/heating systems with ability for residents to monitor usage (with an awards program for the most energy-efficient tenants); upgraded package technology; managed Wi-Fi network throughout building; and EV charging stations.

The apartment units themselves will feature modern finishes and offer smart devices and conveniences to residents, which may include smart keyless entry locks, smart thermostats, doorbell cameras, voice and app-controlled lighting, speakers and window treatments, wireless charging built into countertops, and more. The residents at Scholars Village will be given the opportunity to test new products and services developed by the tech start-ups at SciTech Scity and other corporate partners.

Construction of Scholars Village is slated to begin in early 2022 and completion and grand opening set for mid 2024.

“We are extremely happy that LSC has chosen us as their residential developer at SciTech Scity, and we are honored that they have entrusted us with their vision and confidence to create Scholars Village. We are excited to start and look forward to working with LSC and expanding our work in Jersey City and the LSC neighborhood,” said William Rosato of Alpine Residential, a venture comprised of Alpine Real Estate Group and Beachwold Residential, both of which are head-quartered in Manhattan, with management offices in Dallas, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida.

The announcement of the Scholars Village developer is the second significant milestone related to SciTech Scity in the past two months. In April, LSC received Jersey City and Hudson County approval for Liberty Science Center High School, a county-wide public magnet STEM academy that will be part of and operated by the Hudson County Schools of Technology. LSC also announced private funding for special programs for middle-school students in Jersey City and Hudson County who want to attend the new world-class high school but could use extra help getting their prerequisite skills (for example, math skills) up to the level needed for admission.

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