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AI Company VCTI Appoints New CMO

Somerset-based VCTI, a developer of automated intelligence products and services for access network planning and service delivery orchestration, announced the appointment of Sally Hudson as chief marketing officer. Hudson is responsible for spearheading the growth of their automated intelligence products for access networks. Hudson joins VCTI after an extensive career with service providers, where she has led new product development and high growth marketing initiatives for enterprise data, broadband and cloud services.

“We are very pleased to welcome Hudson Hudson to our management team,” said Raj Singh, CEO of VCTI. “Her years of experience in successfully launching broadband products and services have given her real world insight into the operational challenges that service providers face. Hudson knows the importance of listening to our customers and she understands the power of communications services to solve problems and improve business outcomes.”

VCTI has two flagship products: NOCPlan™, a platform that automates and enables optimized planning, expansion and evolution of broadband access networks across all technologies, and NOCVue™, a platform that unifies and simplifies the management of provisioning and orchestration of service delivery on those networks, across multiple vendor platforms.

VCTI also offers professional services and consulting, with a team of world class experts in the development of network and network management technologies.

“I am very excited to join VCTI, with their history of innovation and deep commitment to quality and customer success,” said Hudson Hudson. “VCTI is poised to have a great impact on the broadband ecosystem, enabling the evolution of broadband services to more people to be faster, cheaper and simpler.”

Hudson is a native of Washington, D.C. and graduate of the University of Maryland. She has worked in Australia, Andorra and the US and has been an active volunteer in her local community and on health issues accompanying vision loss.

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