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ADP Bolsters Return to Workplace Mobile Solution with COVID-19 Test Result Tracking

ADP, a Roseland-based global technology company providing HCM solutions, is bolstering its ADP Return to Workplace mobile solution to address a spectrum of needs amid the changing regulatory environment. In addition to its vaccination tracking capabilities, ADP has added functionality for employers to track weekly COVID-19 test results as well. The Return to Workplace mobile solution also includes sentiment and availability surveys, vaccine status surveys, health attestation and contact tracing capabilities. Since ADP’s launch of the mobile solution last summer, more than 3,100 employers have utilized the app with approximately 2.5 million surveys completed by workers.

“As our clients look for ways to better understand how their workforce is feeling and how to safely bring employees back to the workplace, we’re proud to see this resource provide the confidence and data they need,” said Don Weinstein, corporate vice president of global product and technology for ADP. “We designed ADP’s Return to Workplace app to provide critical, dynamic and timely insight, and we’ve incorporated this new feature in our efforts to continuously adapt the tool to meet new challenges as the world of work changes around us.”

The app’s key features help HR leaders and practitioners make informed decisions about workforce safety rooted in frequently updated data about their people:

Vaccine Status: This feature enables employees to input their vaccination dates and proof of vaccination, providing employers with a pulse on how their workforce is trending in terms of vaccination rate.

Testing Results: This new functionality helps employers monitor current testing status for their employees by prompting employees to enter their latest test dates and results.

Availability and Sentiment Surveys: These short surveys are designed to gauge employee sentiment about coming back to the workplace, determine employee availability, and create informed in-office schedules.

ADP has additionally compiled a wealth of free information for employers in their new Return to Workplace Resource Hub, which includes legislative updates, helpful tools and templates, and more to help employers adapt.

For more information about the ADP Return to Workplace solution, visit here.

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