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ABF Creative Wins 2021 Diversity & Inclusion Webby Award

ABF Creative, a Newark, NJ-based audio content production company, was honored as a winner of a 2021 Webby Award for its series “African Folktales”.

ABF Creative, America’s first and only AI-driven multicultural podcast production company, was honored as a winner of a 2021 Webby Award in the Diversity & Inclusion category for its series “African Folktales”.

“We’re honored to have been selected as a Webby Award winner this year,” says Anthony Frasier, founder/CEO of ABF Creative, which is based in Newark.  “With entries from Bloomberg Radio and ViacomCBS also nominated in the Diversity & Inclusion category, we were up against some pretty big competition, so we’re thrilled that the high quality, family-friendly content of ‘African Folktales’ was recognized by the judges.”

Launched in 2020, “African Folktales” has an audience of over 100,000 listeners.  It features fun and inspiring stories that originated in Africa and have been passed down through generations by word of mouth.  There are 27 episodes in the series, with segments ranging in length from five to 10 minutes.

“ABF Creative has set the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said Claire Graves, executive director of The Webby Awards. “Their award is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of Anthony and his team.”

Out of the 17 podcast producers that were winners of 2021 Webby Awards, ABF Creative is the only company that is independent, African American owned/operated, and specializes in both general interest (news, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle) as well as children’s content.

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