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1Huddle Launches New Mobile Gaming Recruiting Platform to Secure Top Talent

Newark-based 1Huddle, a workforce tech company that upskills, trains and motivates employees through the use of science-backed, quick-burst mobile games, announced a new offering called 1Huddle for Recruiting aimed at solving the current labor shortage.

The customized games will include company information, history, job descriptions, and skill assessments to allow both the company and the candidate to determine if they are a fit for the job.

Since debuting in beta on Sept. 6, 1Huddle for Recruiting has helped brands increase new job applications by 66%, educated potential candidates about job opportunities 45% faster than traditional job postings, and has reduced wasted time in the interview process by 50%. Brands leveraging 1Huddle are supercharging their job postings and advertising efforts encouraging prospects to use quick-burst games to allow them to learn more about the company before applying, challenging them to prove they can crush the job, and inspiring them to guarantee an interview.

“The recruiting game has changed. With survey’s signaling as many as 1 in 2 workers considering switching jobs by the end of 2021, talent leaders must rethink how they find and recruit new talent,” said Sam Caucci, founder and CEO of 1Huddle. “Unfortunately, doing the same old stuff by just posting a job ad and hoping is not a winning strategy. We are excited to launch this impactful product at a time when businesses need better tools to attract new talent.”

Current users are already calling the platform, “game-changing.” While expressing that 1Huddle, “made it easier to pre-screen candidates. As HR teams are spending less time with the wrong candidates and more time with the right ones.”

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