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Earth Friendly Products Receives Zero Waste Platinum Certification

Earth Friendly Products (EFP), the makers of ECOSä laundry detergent and other award-winning, eco-friendly cleaning products, is pleased to announce it has received the prestigious Zero Waste Platinum certification from the US Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC).

EFP’s facility in Parsippany has received the Platinum certification, making EFP the first company to have all of its manufacturing facilities certified Platinum Zero Waste, the highest possible distinction from the US Zero Waste Business Council.

EFP’s waste reduction accomplishments include:

  • Diversion of over 95 percent of all waste from landfills and incineration at all five facilities through reducing, recycling and reusing
  • Over 90 percent reduction of waste sent to landfills for all facilities since 2009
  • Waste diversion that exceeds local and state diversion mandates
  • Savings of over $500,000 annually from the company’s waste diversion programs
  • Implementation of creative upstream efforts to prevent waste
  • Creation of a template source-separation system to maximize recycling revenues and material qualities
  • Implementation of employee incentives to participate in Zero Waste initiatives, the solicitation of employee feedback and the creation of collection programs that minimize contamination and increase participation

“We have created standards and baselines for the implementation of Zero Waste practices and policies for businesses that are very high and not easily attained. EFP goes above and beyond these to do the right thing, which is very impressive,” said Stephanie Barger, founder and executive director of USZWBC. “EFP is a shining example and leader in the Zero Waste community. It has been a member of the USZWBC since the beginning, and we can learn from its example.”

“At Earth Friendly Products we believe that Zero Waste programs lead us to a more sustainable future. To achieve Platinum Zero Waste level certification, we implemented comprehensive training and educational programs that extend to all five of our manufacturing facilities,” said Dr. Nadereh Afsharmanesh, Vice President of Sustainability and Education at EFP. “Operating in Zero Waste–certified facilities demonstrates how serious we are about shaping a low-carbon and Zero Waste economy future. We hope other companies will follow in our footsteps,” continued Dr. Afsharmanesh.

EFP is a primary manufacturer with facilities in Cypress, California; Addison, Illinois; Lacey, Washington; Parsippany; and Opa Locka, Florida. EFP’s California facility was the first to receive Zero Waste Platiunum certification in 2014, followed by Florida, New Jersey, Illinois and Washington in 2015.


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