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1,700 Robert Wood Johnson Nurses Go on Strike

Nurses at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick went on strike this morning at 7:00am after weeks of negotiations failed to produce a new contract agreement.

USW Local 4-200, a union which represents 1,700 nurses, said there has been no progress in talks, as the nurses are fighting for better staffing, more pay and a cap on medical insurance costs and copays.

Robert Wood Johnson, one of only three level one trauma centers in New Jersey, will reportedly remain open despite the strike.

“We are deeply disappointed that the Union has decided to take this extreme action,” said Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital spokesperson Wendy Gottsegen in a statement. “It did not and should not have come to this. This is not a strike of necessity and could have been avoided had the Union not been so intent on this outcome. No one benefits from a strike, least of all, our nurses. ”

Union President Judy Danella said the nurses remain deeply committed to their patients.

“However, we must address urgent concerns, like staffing. We need enough nurses on each shift, on each floor, so we can devote more time to each patient and keep ourselves safe on the job. We are deeply grateful for the community that supported us as we worked through the pandemic and for all those who are with us now as management is forcing us to make the painful decision to go on strike,” Danella added.

Robert Wood Johnson reportedly offered a new contract Thursday, addressing some of the union’s concerns but has not yet received a response.

Hospital officials say the facility is ready to fill the striking nurses’ positions with replacements for the next 50 days.

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