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Kimmerle Group Commences Its 25th Year in Operation from Its New Headquarters

The Kimmerle Group of Morristown and Manhattan, NY, known  for its award-winning architectural practice and urban studies expertise, announces the relocation of its Garden State headquarters of the Kimmerle Group (KG) and Kimmerle Newman Architects (KNA) to a once abandoned and timeworn site, which has just completed a renovation and restoration, under the watchful eyes of the firms leadership, award-winning architects and designers themselves. KG/KNA firm principals George Kimmerle, AIA, PP, NCARB; Senior Associate William Kimmerle; and Paul Newman, AIA, LEED, CIPD.

The initial conversion, and ultimate rebirth of 1109 Mt. Kemble Avenue, Harding Twp., now recognized as the new 8,500-square-foot New Jersey headquarters for the Kimmerle Group (KG) and Kimmerle Newman Architects (KNA) was theorized from its initial concept to represent a cognitive approach to design and planning, genuinely exhibiting both firms personal and professional perspectives on building repositioning, interior planning and a most crucial ideology, sustainability itself.

“Sustainability is more than just a buzzword or trendy term, but rather the key to an assurance that Earth’s biological systems remain intact while continuing to flourish and be productive, this ‘way of life’ is crucial in modern times, as well as vital to the planet’s future, sustainable architecture will play a leading role in how we will accomplish that goal,” KG leader George Kimmerle states emphatically.

The new Kimmerle Group headquarters is a physical sign of respect for our planet and its environment. “With its total embracing of ‘green building’ materials and energy saving principles, 1109 Mt. Kemble Avenue is a perfect example of ‘adaptive reuse’ and a beacon of hope that non-productive real estate assets can once again become useful,” said Kimmerle.

Now completing work on his PhD in redevelopment and planning, Kimmerle is a dedicated advocate of rural life as well as a pioneering urbanologist; blending advanced academic pursuits with unparalleled actual design experience, George Kimmerle is literally skilled with project know-how from the farmhouse to the office penthouse.

“Our posture as a rural and urban-based firm is tireless redevelopment of the urban core and its counterpoint, sustainability of all rural regions.” Kimmerle added with conviction.

The total transformation of 1109 Mt. Kemble Avenue involved a complete gutting and entire revamping of mechanical systems calling upon the most advanced energy-conscious technologies. For example, heat will be generated by geothermal heating systems capturing warmth retained by the Earth’s core; while cooling interior space is the product of passive ventilation techniques. Authentic ‘reclaimed barn board’ siding was repurposed and added to adorn the building’s exterior.

“Sustainability has always been the main focus of our work. However, sustainability in our view represents prudent investments in energy savings and by implementing sustainable practices that are real and not simply espoused to meet some arbitrary LEED criteria that is otherwise irrelevant to a true sustainable outcome,” said Senior Associate William Kimmerle.

“Our reawakening of what is now our Mt. Kemble Ave. headquarters building integrates all of these features of sustainability by carefully orchestrating balanced and practical methods that display true advantages for our long term use and occupancy of the site, as well as the eco-system surrounding it,” William proudly added.

Completing a ten-year performance as Senior Project Manager with the firm, architect William J. Kimmerle has been named Senior Executive of Kimmerle Group’s Urban Studio in Manhattan, NY, this appointment comes as a direct result of his great success with the longest standing of the group’s divisions, Kimmerle Newman Architects, in Morristown, he worked directly with Kimmerle Newman  partner Paul Newman there.

When acquired in January of 2014 by the Kimmerle Group and Kimmerle Newman Architects, their top notch team saw an endless list of possibilities for complete transformation of the grounds and structure; KG and KNA leaders recognized the true potential for the building and the overall site itself. This picturesque site is located just outside historic Morristown, where KG and KNA restored, built and occupied twin 1890’s carriage houses as modern offices for the past 20 years. The Kimmerle Group and Kimmerle Newman Architects now truly ‘bridge the gap’ from the rolling hills of rural New Jersey to the city streets of New York.

The building is situated on a now fully-transformed rich and rustic parcel of land, adjacent to the preserved Wightman’s Farm (circa 1922), a third-generation family owned and operated apple picking orchard and pumpkin farm.  This location and views of the nearby open fields to the North provide a wonderful and unique setting in rural Harding Township. The breathtaking location truly complements the new building’s unique agricultural theme.

“It was important as we set out to integrate some amazing natural features into the design by including large panoramic views, and by providing a large 1500 SF open deck on the South face of the refurbished building with direct and impressive views of the farmscape,” KNA principal Paul Newman noted.

The original location was home to a certainly antiquated and more recently dilapidated 3,800 SF wood-frame building built in the 1970’s as a retail outlet, and over time renovated as an upscale private office location for Bank of New York.

“Our new Harding location is the rural counterpart to our New York City ‘Urban Studio’ location in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, we now maintain a position that encompasses the entire gamut from exciting urban forms to natural and rural settings. Our deep-rooted connection to both environments are apparent in our work by design, and deeply felt and put into practice by our entire team,” William Kimmerle proclaimed with great pride.

“This repositioning along with our expanded offerings in architecture, interiors, planning and urban design, community sustainability and planning, project management and FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment) speaks loudly to a larger audience and a renewed brand that addresses every aspect of the built environment,” Paul Newman added.

The new setting is outfitted with spacious conference areas, and the most advanced work stations, that will enable expansion of the staff from 30 to 50 or more professionals; they include architects, planners, urban designers, interior planning specialists, furnishing and office equipment procurement experts, project managers, financial analysts, as well as a staff of art and graphic design consultants, all situated in open work areas thereby allowing team members to work in conjunction with one another.

“Open work areas use a continuous ‘desking’ approach similar to a trading floor environment. This approach exhibits enormous advantages in interactive environments where collaboration is key”, said Meghan Barlotta of KG’s Workspace division.

“Creative workspaces of course depend on team approaches and the KG studio space is one of the best in that regard. Additionally the space has a mass appeal to Millennials, the fastest growing demographic in the job force”, observed William Kimmerle, who is largely responsible for the impressive expansion of KG’s Workspace and Millennium Office Systems (MOS) to over two dozen states nationally.

“Our ability to operate on a national basis is a testament to our strong and vital leadership team,” said Antonio Frasso, MOS’s head of operations, and KG’s affiliated dealership. MOS is the newest entity but quickly expanding as a key force in the KG network.

The Kimmerle Group unequivocally eclipses its industry counterparts by culminating complex, multi-faceted engagements, with unmatched expertise in design, architecture, interiors, planning and urban design solutions implemented by their all-star team and specifically tailored to the unique strategic goals of their impressive client roster; they consistently outperform expectations and limits in their profession, as well as in the real estate and major construction industries as a whole.

“Our firm and its team members focus on the larger picture, and are committed to being effective and relevant to our client’s engagements, whether they are transactions, development programs, or leasing programs. Our unrivaled number of long-term client relationships, many lasting since Kimmerle Group’s inception some 25 years ago, exemplifies our continuous relevance to our client’s needs,” according to KG Senior Associate Cindy Cui, AIA.

The firm has amassed an amazing success story, during the recent horrific downturn of architectural and building prospects, when other elite professionals witnessed 35% unemployment, and some landmark firms were forced to shutter their doors.

“Kimmerle Group’s broad range of services recognizes a diverse platform of client needs in a unique and personal approach, assuring direct principal contact with the client on every assignment. Our nearly three decades of sustained growth has never wavered our interest in a hands-on, face-to-face relationship with our client family. We believe this intimate approach is one of the key reasons the firm continues to thrive,” KG Senior Associate Brian Veneri added.

The Kimmerle Group (KG) consists of seven (7) divisions; Kimmerle Newman Architects, also named for Kimmerle Newman partner Paul Newman, is a twenty-five year old architectural design and interior planning firm; Kimmerle Workspace Inc., a procurement division which provides wholesale furniture and equipment to the KG family of corporate clients; Kimmerle Branding Studio, an integrator of corporate branding themes into architectural and interior design expression; KG Project Management, which provides owners representation and Property Managment services nationally; Kimmerle Development Advisors, engaged in commercial and residential development throughout New Jersey; and Urban Studio, in Manhattan, New York. The most recent addition to the KG conglomerate is Millennium Office Solutions (MOS), which serves the needs of corporations, institutions, organizations, nonprofits, and governments to complete their environments with seamless support from project commencement to completion.

Urban Studio, a recent and highly significant addition to the Kimmerle Group’s seven divisions, will devise urban planning insights while strategizing alternatives for transit-oriented development and college/university and hospital campuses. Creative planning will transform aging non-productive and antiquated sites into improved profit centers; for example, these sites might be enhanced by development of research centers, generating wide-ranging new business opportunities, and carefully-chosen residential infrastructure with retail support and transportation upgrades in creatively-designed park-like settings, along with service to regional developers, towns, and municipalities, with special focus on non-profit organizations, both nationally and internationally.

The firm has been an ongoing supporter of local and regional non-profit causes especially in the area of human services, health, hospital, special needs, education and the care of the developmentally disabled. All, while maintaining a corporate and developer proactive that is perhaps the most active in Northern NJ, if not the market right now.  For instance, the firm recently completed a new 275,000 SF headquarters for Realogy in Madison, led by partner Paul Newman, AIA; a 32,000 SF headquarters for the VNA of Somerset County in Bernard’s Twp., led by Kimmerle partner Cindy Cui, AIA; a 75,000 SF headquarters for the fashion icon Aeropostale in Bergen County, led by William Kimmerle; and a 130,000 SF master plan and medical office/ambulatory care building for Chilton Hospital and Atlantic Health, led by George Kimmerle.

Among many other accomplishments, the Kimmerle Group is widely-recognized for its inclusive consciousness of the disabled in all design applications; KG’s pioneering of the nation’s first child advocacy center, spurring the child protection movement in the USA; and creating designs for other landmarks such as the award-winning Great Swamp Environmental Science Center, Harding Township.

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