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$1 Million in Scholarships Awarded by New Jersey’s Union Construction Industry

In a time when additional student loans are avoided at all costs, New Jersey’s union construction industry is providing financial support for some students. This year, 199 hard-working students were awarded $1,020,200 to put toward their education. This year’s scholarships are just one example of the many contributions New Jersey’s union construction industry has put toward building New Jersey’s workforce.

The scholarships come from trade associations whose members are the construction companies that hire union craftworkers – and from the unions themselves. “It is always great to see the union construction industry celebrating student’s achievements,” stated Jack Kocsis, CEO of Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey. “We applaud the students and their parents for their successes, and we wish them the best of luck as they step forward to lead their generation in the construction industry and beyond.”

A list of the 2018 scholarships, awarded to students attending colleges all over the country, are as follows:

  • Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey (ACCNJ): 5 scholarships totaling $62,500 and 1 onetime scholarship totaling $10,000
  • Building Contractors Association of South Jersey: 3 scholarships totaling $12,000
  • Construction Industry Advancement Program (CIAP): 5 scholarships totaling $7,500 and 44 internship scholarships totaling $132,000
  • Drywall & Interior Systems Contractor Association of NJ (DISCA): 4 scholarships totaling $80,000 and 2 one-time scholarships totaling $1,000
  • Floor Covering Institute of New Jersey: 1 scholarship totaling $5,000
  • The Masonry Contractors of New Jersey Endowed Scholarship Fund at NJIT College of Architecture and Design: 4 scholarships totaling $6,000, plus a study abroad fund that awarded 11 scholarships totaling $9,000
  • New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association: 31 scholarships totaling $15,700
  • New Jersey Steel Association: 13 scholarships totaling $24,000
  • Utility & Transportation Contractors of New Jersey (UTCA): 5 scholarships totaling $38,000
  • International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers, Locals 4 & 5: 4 scholarships totaling $20,000
  • Keystone+Mountain+Lakes Council of Carpenters: 10 scholarships totaling $150,000
  • Dockbuilders Local Union 1556: 10 scholarships totaling $100,000
  • International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental & Reinforcing Iron Workers, Local No. 399: 3 scholarships totaling $9,000
  • Laborers International Union of North America (New Jersey): 11 scholarships totaling $220,000
  • Operating Engineers Local 825: 9 scholarships totaling $90,000
  • Local 7 Tile, Marble and Terrazzo of New Jersey: 23 scholarships totaling $27,500

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