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1 in 4 Job-Hopping GenZer’s Increased Salary by $50K has published a survey report that explores the prevalence and impact of job hopping among GenZer’s and Millennials. The survey garnered responses from 1,000 full-time workers ages 21 to 40.

Based on survey results, overall 51% of respondents say they have job hopped in the past five years. Seventy-three percent of GenZer’s said they have job hopped in the past five years as do 44% of Millennials. The top reasons why respondents job hopped were to get a higher salary, improve working conditions, gain more growth opportunities, and receive better benefits.

Among all job hoppers, 80% said they have increased their salary in the past five years. In fact, 20% said they have increased their salary by $50,000 or more and 4% of respondents said they increased their salary by $100,000 or more.

“Job hopping and gaps have become more common, which will force employers to be more open-minded. Younger managers don’t care as much about job hopping if you have the skills and experience,” said Julia Toothacre, career and resume strategist. “Loyalty is hard to come by from a company and younger workers realize that.”

Survey results also indicate that 15% of respondents are actively job searching and 24% are passively job searching. Additionally, 48% said while they are not job searching, they are open to hearing about new opportunities. Only 13% say they are not job searching nor open to new opportunities.

This online poll was commissioned by and conducted on SurveyMonkey Audience in October 2023. Overall, 1,000 respondents who are between the ages of 18 and 40, and currently work full-time, completed the survey.

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