Unique Manufacturers: Switlik

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association has named 2024 “The Year of the Manufacturer.” As part of this year-long celebration, New Jersey Business Magazine is spotlighting a unique manufacturer in the Garden State. Here is our profile on Trenton-based Switlik.

When was the company founded? Switlik was founded in 1920 by Stanley Switlik, a Polish/Ukrainian immigrant. Today, 103 years later, Sarah Switlik will mark the fourth generation of the company’s leadership and will oversee the fifth and sixth generation of the company’s employees.

Describe your products: Switlik’s products have evolved throughout our rich history. In 1930s, we became the largest manufacturer of parachutes in the country, outfitting the expeditions and world record attempts of Amelia Earhart, Wiley Post, and Admiral Richard Byrd, as well as assisting the US government in producing parachutes for World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Today, we offer a range of cutting-edge safety and survival equipment and textile products: from man overboard modules, life rafts, and commercial airline life vests to constant wear life vests, military life preservers, and anti-exposure suits and garments.

What makes your products special? Our in-house design team possesses extensive experience in designing highly technical equipment. Additionally, the high level of quality control required within the safety and survival products sector is carried across the entire Switlik product range. Switlik’s fluid management structure also means we are able to make decisions and respond to problems quickly.

What is next for the company? We have expanded our manufacturing facilities. This consists of the addition of a 20,000-square-foot building on our 1325 East State St. property in Trenton.

We are now looking to expand our client base within the municipal police, fire, and search-and-rescue markets. We’re also making additions to our product range, including the introduction of a new and improved anti-exposure dry suit product line with the launch of a Custom Suit Design configurator.

What are the challenges of running a manufacturing business in NJ? Our cost base is higher than most of our competitors. So, what we make has to be better, but also different. That is why one of our corporate pillars is innovation. The way that we plan and operate has completely changed.

1325 East State St. Trenton NJ 08609

No. of Employees: 145

609-587-3300| [email protected]

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