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The Benefits of ResearchwithNJ

Update on portal reveals thousands of visitors and page views to advance state’s STEM R&D ecosystem.

Launched in June 2018,, the free online portal to access experts, publications, core facilities, intellectual property, grant information, and more for the STEM fields, has had more than 80,000 visitors and nearly 170,000 page views from countries including India, China, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Co-created by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) and the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education of New Jersey (OSHE), the portal brings together five of the state’s leading research institutions: Princeton University, Rutgers University, Rowan University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Montclair State University.

The portal currently has an extensive inventory of data including 4,049 experts; 113 core facilities (laboratories and specialized scientific equipment); 489 university research units (departments, centers of excellent, and divisions); information on 4,132 grants and projects; and abstracts for nearly 234,000 publications, studies and research documents.

The state’s objective in creating ResearchwithNJ is to facilitate economic development in STEM industries through greater collaboration between business and academic sectors. Such partnerships can be a wellspring for new products and services, businesses and jobs.

The portal is of interest to:

Businesses, entrepreneurs and other organizations that want to find the most qualified experts to partner with for their business venture or research initiative.

Out-of-state or global corporations that are considering relocating their facilities to New Jersey and want to learn about the state’s universities, STEM research specializations, experts and collaboration networks.

Businesses seeking information on the key STEM specializations of the departments, centers, schools and offices of each university, as well as what each university is doing in a particular STEM area in terms of news, conferences, events, etc.

Businesses wishing to partner with a university for customized training, curricula development, or advanced certifications for their respective industry.

Students who want to learn about prospective universities to which they are considering applying. They can see each organization’s STEM specializations and in-house experts; learn about faculty and staff specializations; and access research published from experts in the university.

Investors conducting due diligence in seeking industry experts within New Jersey universities to help vet the innovations and technologies of a potential portfolio company. They can also review all the patents associated with a prospective investment for a particular STEM field.

The NJEDA is working with the universities and a variety of business and industry groups to promote the site to potential users; however, more support is needed to get the word out on the benefits of this free public resource. Please visit to experience the robust tools and information it can provide.

About the Author

Kathleen Coviello is executive vice president of technology and life sciences, Office of Economic Transformation, New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

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