Savvy Business Meets Big Data and Technology

Axtria is leveraging expertise in an array of disciplines.

A unique fusion of expertise in business, analytics and technology has been the “secret sauce” that Berkeley Heights-based Axtria – a big data analytics company – has used to spur its growth, according to its co-founder and CEO, Jaswinder Chadha.

“Traditionally, companies have true expertise in only one or two of these areas,” Chadha says. “For example, management consulting companies typically have a very good understanding of their industry and the business process. Technology services companies are very good at actually managing data, but not good at building software products. Software companies are very good at building software products, but are often horizontal and not vertical to a particular industry. The ability to bring [these three things] together is actually very unique.”

Founded in 2010, Axtria’s data analytics and software platforms support decision science, commercial operations and cloud information management with a focus on the life sciences and financial services industries. Its clients include many top pharmaceutical companies as well as major global banks.

Chadha’s previous success as an entrepreneur, combined with a deep understanding of the data analytics industry as a whole, were key drivers in the growth that Axtria has seen over the past seven years.

“[Technology wise,] the thing that has had the biggest impact has been the adoption of cloud technology by our business customers,” Chadha says. “We had the vision and foresight as a company to see that data was going to live on the cloud, and that software and infrastructure was going to be co-mingled together.”

One challenge that Axtria has faced has been working to have the company’s culture of innovation and product development – with a software team that looks and acts like a startup – co-exist with its culture of service and problem solving – with a team that looks and acts like a full management consulting and professional services organization. While not without its challenges, Chadha says this dynamic has largely been successful.

Of course, he hasn’t done it alone – Axtria currently has 900 employees worldwide with 250 in the United States, and additional locations in Europe and India.

While results are obviously important when measuring performance at the company, Chadha says that believing in Axtria’s core values and culture are still extremely vital for its employees.

The company hopes that it can continue its fast paced growth moving forward. “Historically, we have been growing at 30-50 percent per year,” Chadha says. “We foresee ourselves growing pretty rapidly for the next five to seven years. … Our vision is to become one of the largest cloud solutions companies in the world.”


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