How Registered Apprenticeship Can Enhance the Bottom Line

Nationally recognized credential is a benchmark of academic achievement and work experience.

Which flexible workforce development strategy will have a huge impact on building capacity of new and incumbent staff; reducing errors; and improving quality, proficiency and efficiency? Implementation of registered apprenticeship/internship will produce these desired outcomes!

A stable, highly skilled workforce is a key component of remaining competitive in a global economy. In order to retain premier staff and keep them motivated/engaged, upward mobility opportunities must exist. Registered apprenticeship/internship is a mechanism which may be utilized to provide such opportunities, as a retention solution.

The model has been time tested and continues to be utilized by many industry sectors, globally, to eliminate skill gaps, deliver consistent training, and provide career ladders for staff.

As an employment and training model, registered apprentices/interns are employed full time, under the guidance of a mentor. Usually on their own time, apprentices are enrolled in academic instruction, which directly relates to the job they’re performing. They are earning and learning! The how and why intersect, making both the academic instruction and work experience more meaningful.

Registered apprenticeship/internship occupational titles cover a broad array of industry sectors, such as: advanced manufacturing; automotive; biotechnology; construction; energy; financial services; healthcare; hospitality; information technology; public safety; transportation, distribution and logistics. New occupations in a variety of industry sectors are frequently approved.

The US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship is responsible for registered apprenticeships/internships implemented in the state. Along with this tailored, turnkey workforce development strategy, our technical staff provides FREE guidance, technical assistance, and training guides, developed by subject matter experts, to businesses/organizations interested in exploring utilization of the model. Our staff works closely with the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development to promote, expand and offer guidance as to coursework to satisfy the academic requirements of registered apprenticeship/internship.

With emphasis on attainment of employment, and nationally/ industry recognized credentials as an outcome of educational programs (under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act), completion of registered apprenticeship/internship results in a certificate awarded by the US Department of Labor – Office of Apprenticeship. This nationally recognized credential is unique in that it is a benchmark of academic achievement and actual work experience.

What a great marketing strategy for your business/organization – providing training linked to nationally recognized standards! For additional information, please contact: US Department of Labor – Office of Apprenticeship – Iselin, New Jersey: Phone: 732-750-9191. Website:


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