Novadoz Provides Alternatives

Making healthcare affordable via quality generics.

Founded in 2003, the MSN Group is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India, with 10 active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) facilities, five finished dosage facilities, and a fully integrated research and development center spread across Hyderabad, India and Myanmar.

Additionally, MSN houses its US operations in Piscataway, where Novadoz Pharmaceuticals – a private LLC and affiliate of MSN Group – conducts its work. Novadoz operates as a pure US marketing label for MSN and sells the generic medicines that are manufactured by the company.

“We sell APIs to every major US generic pharmaceutical company,” says Tom DeStefano, vice president of sales and marketing for Novadoz, adding that the total MSN customer base exceeds 250, with a global presence in 65 countries across the globe.

MSN Group has seen tremendous growth, surging from a $22-million company in 2005 to $500 million in 2019.

“We have a very strong focus on quality,” DeStefano says. “Since 2015, when we had our first FDA finished dose audit inspection, culminating to November of 2019, we’ve had no major observations or 483s (haven’t been written up by the FDA for any deficiencies), in any of our finished dose facilities. This is a major effort, and some of the major pharmaceutical companies in the US cannot make this same claim. We put this as our shining light.”

Seshu Akula, president of North America generics at Novadoz, says the company’s ultimate mission is to make healthcare affordable.

“The very intent of generic medicine is to provide [the same effects] that a brand name medicine will provide, but at a much lower cost,” Akula says. “Providing accessibility to the most cost-effective medicines involves a lot of engineering and investments that are very long drawn. [We want to] give a very sustainable price to the market and to come up with a supply chain structure to ensure it sustains the price over time.”

New Jersey has historically been a pharmaceutical hotbed, and despite challenges with affordability, Akula says that his experience operating a business in the state has been a good one.

“Our vertical integration through MSN continues to define our success now and in the future,” Akula continues. “We expect continued success in 2020 with multiple product approvals, including several in the specialty oncology space.”

The company’s involvement in the oncology space is significant, and an area that both Akula and DeStefano are particularly proud of.

“We are one of the leading companies providing generic alternatives for cancer drugs,” DeStefano says. “These are patients who are fighting for their lives and some of [the dosage forms] cost thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. We have a deep commitment to the oncology space and, from a personal standpoint, helping patients during this fight and helping them save money is one of the greatest things we are doing.”

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