NJTC’s Ballen to Retire

Maxine Ballen, the New Jersey Technology Council’s founder, president and CEO – known for her enthusiastic and pragmatic devotion to New Jersey’s high-technology community – is scheduled to retire at year’s end. During an interview with New Jersey Business magazine, she said, “The decision was not one that I came to easily. I thought about it long and hard – and for a while – because it is my legacy, and it is my baby. It is hard to walk away from all of that. But, I knew it was time for both me and the organization. And I am very excited about the opportunities that it presents both for the council and for me.”

Ballen said, “When we started in 1996, there was almost no technology community in place. There was no cohesiveness. There wasn’t an organization where people went and they knew your name. I think we can take credit for having played a role in ensuring that New Jersey remained a premier destination state for technology companies. Whether we were ranked No. 5 or No. 8, we have always been one of the top-tier states for technology. And I think organizations like the Tech Council can certainly take credit for that. Not singularly, but we certainly have been a player in making sure that tech was prioritized.”

Of note, Ballen also helped found and grow an associated $80-million venture capital fund. In broader terms, she adds, “I look forward to having a bird’s eye view and watching [the council] from afar. And I look forward to my own, new opportunity that takes me to another level – one that gives me a chance to refresh myself, as well.”

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