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NJBIA, NJMEP Make Manufacturing Count

New Jersey manufacturing is no longer just the smokestack industry of years ago. Today’s manufacturers employ highly skilled workers using computer-automated machinery that requires attention to detail and the ability to solve complex problems.

Manufacturing is now a $54.4 billion industry with average salaries of $97,281 a year – higher than the wages paid to many employees in finance, insurance and real estate. But, today’s manufacturers also face clear challenges: the need for improved workforce development, greater support for the innovation ecosystem, a reduction in burdensome regulations, and liability protections.

That is why NJBIA and the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) have entered into a formal agreement, Manufacturing Counts, to unite, broaden and strengthen support for manufacturing businesses. Our goal is to elevate the voice of this industry, spur state policymakers into action, and showcase the exciting career opportunities in manufacturing for future employees.

Workforce Development. New Jersey’s community colleges and NJBIA, along with NJMEP, are joining with employers, industry associations, labor unions, educational institutions, and workforce development partners to provide students and workers with career pathways. This will ensure manufacturers and other employers have the highly skilled workers they need. Go to to participate.

Lowering the Cost of Doing Business. High permit fees and some of the highest taxes in the nation make it difficult for manufacturers to thrive here. Reducing excessive fees, taxes and the substantial cost of insurance and healthcare, are at the forefront of our advocacy efforts.

Supporting the Innovation Ecosystem & Infrastructure Improvements. NJBIA’s vision is to make New Jersey the innovation state it once was. We will push our legislators and governor to make investments in these critical areas to drive economic development and capital investment, which are more important than ever as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overregulation and Liability Protections. New Jersey is one of the most overregulated states with antiquated rules that make it challenging to operate here. Targeted regulatory reforms would allow manufacturing to expand while maintaining health and safety and minimizing environmental impacts.

The Manufacturing Counts partnership will seek input from a broader coalition of business, industry, and nonprofit groups. This will include a communications campaign to increase awareness of the many career opportunities in manufacturing.

The manufacturing sector has deep roots in our state, located in the heart of the economic engine in the Northeast. NJBIA and NJMEP are committed to working together to elevate and enhance our collective efforts to address the needs of our state’s manufacturers.

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