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Mainstreet NJ: Fair Lawn

Fair Lawn is special because it has an incredible variety of businesses/restaurants. In fact, 43 new businesses opened here in just the last year. From chocolatiers to taverns, to coffee shops and ethnic markets, Fair Lawn’s beauty lies in how all of these diverse shops come together to make up one amazing borough. Additionally, the municipality recently launched a digital marketplace with every business listed. A shopper recently noted, “Going down River Road, I was surprised by just how many different kinds of businesses exist on one local road. Ice cream shops, taco restaurants, Chinese food places, exercise studios, pharmacies, diners: Fair Lawn really has it all!” It is truly a terrific place to live, shop, and do business in.

About Fair Lawn:

Year Founded:1924


Mayor:Kurt Peluso


Shopping District:River Road and Fair Lawn Avenue, plus several other business districts.

Businesses in Town:657

In the Zone:2 special improvement districts

Town Favorites

  • Dutch House Tavern
  • Fair Lawn Promenade
  • Historic Radburn planned community was founded in 1929 by the City Housing Corporation. The community’s unique design became known as the ‘Radburn design’, which can be found even in Disney World.
  • The Cadmus House – Official Museum of Fair Lawn. This old Dutch-style home has historical artifacts ranging from Native American arrowheads to World War I and II uniforms.

Did you know: With 14 pizzerias, Fair Lawn was recently named by the Bergen Record as the “Queen of Pizza.”

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