Healthy Behaviors Help Fight Stress

The pandemic has led to significantly increased stress, which affects both mental and physical health. In addition to physical precautions, such as getting vaccinated, wearing masks and practicing social distancing, stress management and other healthy behaviors are essential for individuals’ well-being, productivity and effectiveness.

Employers should encourage their workers to adopt healthy behaviors, demonstrating that they value their staff and are contributing to employees’ satisfaction with their work; motivating them to continue in their important roles. Recognizing the increasing challenges of the work environment today, many business leaders are providing webinars, informational materials and counseling services specifically to support the individuals on their teams and, by extension, the people whom their employees serve.

Following are healthy behaviors that can be used in the workplace and at home to fortify individuals’ health and fight against stress and burnout.

Eat a healthy diet with low fat, plenty of protein, fresh fruits, vegetables, and stay adequately hydrated.

Remind yourself of the positive aspects of your life to reinforce your sense of gratitude. At the end of each day, write down five positive things that happened.

Stay socially connected – not just through e-mail or social media. Spend time with family and friends as often as you can. Explore community organizations and groups that have interests you share.

Keep your mind occupied. Enjoy a virtual museum tour, concert or podcast online; read a book; engage in crafts
and other creative activities; bake.

Laugh as much as possible. Watch comedy shows and enjoy time with children and pets.

Get enough sleep.

Exercise and get fresh air daily.

Try meditation, prayer, yoga, breathing and visualization exercises to decompress from intense emotions.

Plan something to look forward to, such as a day trip, weekend getaway or vacation.

Strive for balance in your life. Avoid working all the time and don’t pressure yourself with unrealistic expectations.

Focus on your strengths, the future, and achieving goals.

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