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Five Solutions to Ensure Efficient Meetings

Implementing these apps may not be “a waste of time.”

According to a recent study by Harvard Business Review, high ranking executives spend approximately 72 percent of their time in business meetings. Based on some estimates, the cost of badly run meetings in the US alone could be $75 billion per year.

More companies are seeking ways to cut down the time that meetings take up and maximize their purpose of motivating employees, solving problems, and aligning each team’s goals. Below is a list of applications that can assist with hosting a successful and productive meeting.

1. Meeting Ticker: Meeting Ticker is for those who believe meetings are pretty much a waste of time, as it calculates (terrifyingly!) how much each meeting costs. By entering the number of attendees, average hourly rate, and the duration of the meeting, Meeting Ticker will work out whether a meeting is financially viable, or whether it would be better to send an e-mail or create a survey form.

2. Wisembly Jam: Formerly known as Solid, Wisembly Jam is a crucial app for the lean-operating teams of 2019 as its creators believe that lesser meetings lead to more productivity. Users are able to set an agenda and define clear goals for the meeting, ahead of the meeting ahead, and check whether employees have enough time to take part in the meeting in correlation with their deadlines. Wisembly Jam also helps with minute taking and follow-ups, and also generates automatic evaluation of the results.

3. GoTranscript: Even the most productive meetings can lose their value if there is no skilled minute taker in the room. GoTranscript is a transcription provider, which can turn around the recording of any type of meeting within six hours. All you need to do is submit the audio file of your meeting via your computer, iOS, or Android device. GoTranscript has a powerful team of nearly 20,000 transcribers around the world, who can discern several voices at a meeting with 99 percent accuracy in more than 30 languages.

4. will help managers create a clear agenda for meetings with the necessary documents added to every item on it. A team will be able to comment on and edit the agenda as they go, and the progress of the meeting can also be tracked by using the app. It can be integrated with a number of calendars, and also features a useful e-mail reminder function.

5. MeetingKing: MeetingKing allows users to group agenda items by topic, and share it with co-workers even if they are not yet using the app. Most attractively for businesses, MeetingKing users can assign tasks during meetings, and offers a ‘parking lot’ list option where topics can be scheduled for future discussion.

Meetings don’t have to be something everyone dreads. The process of choosing the right tools for company business meetings could be the catalyst to facilitate additional change, including increased productivity, team engagement and alignment.

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