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Fire Up Your Brand with Today’s Hot Technologies

How to market more effectively via digital tools. 

Major brands all use technology to drive and grow their brands and engage their consumers. But leveraging technology’s clout is not limited to major players with huge budgets: Companies of any size can use digital tools to boost their marketing efforts, shape their brand and build business. Here are some ways to market more effectively, engage more fully and create a positive reputation through technology.

1. Organic and paid search: A solid search engine optimization (SEO) program including frequent website updates, blogging and other organic search tactics, coupled with paid search tactics, will ensure that your brand shows up in search results.

2. Social media engagement: Which social networks does your target audience use? Find out where your customers are and match your social media presence and activity to your client base on appropriate platforms.

3. Standardized e-mail signatures: This simple tool clearly identifies and communicates who your company is and what it does. You can also use every outbound e-mail from your employees to communicate a marketing message that you control.

4. Live responses: Demonstrate greater customer care with live responses in the form of voice, e-mail, text, live chat and ticketing systems. They all foster quick, responsive communication between people.

5. Instant Messaging: As opposed to online chat, which might not be available when customers are seeking your support (a negative experience), instant messaging allows your techs to deliver support via remote sessions during off hours or when online chat is disabled.

6. Automated “dial back” phone attendants: This solution, with interactive voice response, automatically routes calls to available in-house operators or outside extensions.

7. VOiP “follow me” features: Install an Internet-based phone system and give your clients a single number to reach your team members anywhere. One phone number rings, in a preset priority order, on various phones until callers connect with you.

8. Business intelligence software: Business intelligence tools enable organizations to pull data from multiple locations and consolidate management reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – automatically. This software can help boost productivity, streamline reporting and service clients more efficiently.

9. File sharing programs: Cloud-based file sharing and collaboration tools enable clients and team members to always be in synch on projects from anywhere, anytime.

10. Develop and implement apps: Brands that use apps show they are progressive and responsive to customers’ needs. As tablets replace desktops and laptops, the “app” is as critical to operations as the core application you are currently using.

About the Author: By Ian Marlow, is CEO of FITECH (, a technology consulting firm based in Fairfield and New York City.

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