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Experic Aims to Aid Underserved Part of the Pharma Industry

Company focusing on small- and mid-sized firms.

New Jersey has been a hotbed for the pharmaceutical industry for years, and while the industry remains strong, it is often difficult for small- and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies to receive the services they need and to ultimately play on the same field as larger companies.

Eric Bergmann, president and co-founder of Experic, is well versed in the industry, having spent more than two decades in pharmaceutical development and medical device operations leadership roles.

“I always had the idea that I would bring together some of the talent that I knew in the industry and try to put together a company that was able to fill that underserved gap,” he says.

Bergmann then connected with Jeff Shane – Experic’s second co-founder and vice chairman – and the two decided their similar visions were worth pursuing, and began discussing a business plan.

The result? Experic, a pharmaceutical supply services provider focused on the unique clinical trial and marketed product needs of small-, mid-sized and specialty drug developers.

“We don’t have anything against the large pharma companies … but [a lot] of the new innovation and slick inventions are coming from small, venture-based entrepreneurial bio-techs and pharma companies,” Bergmann says, highlighting the importance of helping to support these smaller businesses.

“These start-up biotechs on the West Coast, or up in Boston, are deemed too small or too novel in their packaging or manufacturing needs, so they typically lose out with the existing incumbent providers,” Bergmann explains. “They have to get in a long line just to access new technologies and equipment.”

Experic’s wide range of services include manufacturing and device and container filling of a company’s drug, through packaging in traditional things like bottles, blisters and dosing devices. It also helps with storage, warehousing and shipping product to the ultimate end user.

 “We [provide guidance and services] first on the clinic side of things – when companies are trying to get their drugs approved by the FDA – and we will then continue to serve the company after it has an approved marketed product,” Bergmann says. “We are able to give customers the advice and guidance that they need and not just be a transactional company.”

Experic has leased a 45,000-square-foot facility in Cranbury that is set to open this month, marking the company’s official launch.

Over the next two to three years, Experic plans to create 100 new technical and professional jobs.

“If there is one thing that we would love to do, it’s to help our customers get their therapies and drugs to patients faster,” Bergmann says. “If we can speed up the way cures for [sick individuals] reach those patients, that would be the biggest achievement of Experic.”

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