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Expanding Eligibility Endeavors

Solix Inc. is focused on providing its clients the highest quality service, while looking to expand into new markets.

Founded in 2001, Parsippany-based Solix Inc. is a provider of benefits eligibility determination, program management and consulting and customer care services for businesses and government agencies throughout the United States.

“We work with, and for our clients, based on program rules and guidelines set forth by them, to ultimately determine who is eligible to receive benefits from various programs, and how much they are eligible to receive,” says Jack Miller, Solix’s president and CEO.

For instance, Solix is supporting residential benefit programs for applicants in two states, in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. The company is also working with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) on its Schools and Libraries Program to assist public and most non-profit schools and libraries in gaining access to the Internet.

The USAC program “puts approximately $2.5 billion a year into schools and libraries to help them accelerate deployment of the internet, as well as to help them get more bandwidth, in order to help students learn,” Miller says. “We are the ‘back office,’ so to speak, for the USAC. We process 40 to 50 thousand applications a year for them. We make the recommendations as to who should – and who should not – receive funding based on their adherence to set criteria.”

Miller says the programs the company works on can range from an application that “has one page and benefits of $100 a year,” to programs where “one application can have 3,000 to 4,000 pages and a benefit of $70 million to $80 million a year. So, it is a wide spectrum, but we have the quality people who can help facilitate the applications in a timely manner and make sure it is going to the right places, while minimizing fraud, waste and abuse.”

The privately-held company has approximately 1,000 employees across the US, with more than 500 of them based in New Jersey. Miller says it manages more than $4 billion a year in program decisions for its clients and has had revenues of $100 million a year, for the past few years. Miller has hopes that revenues will rise by growing the business and taking a larger chunk of the market.

“We have an extensive five-year strategic planning process to determine what the best path for continued growth is,” he says. “We are looking to enter some new markets like healthcare and social services, because those areas have a lot of people applying for benefits. We are looking to grow on our own, but are also looking into acquiring firms that already have a presence in some of those markets. So, we are looking at all options. … When you look at our competitors, they are much bigger than we are. However, I like to say that we are big enough to get the job done, yet small enough to get the job done. We have a proven track record and look at our customers as truly personal relationships in providing them with quality service.”

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