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Eating Healthy Made Easy

Eat Clean Bro meal delivery service brings healthy food to your doorstep.

When it comes to food, convenience often leads to a sacrifice to health. While “fast food” has become synonymous with preservatives and processed non-natural ingredients, cooking multiple healthy meals a day is difficult for those that lead busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

The Freehold-based meal delivery service Eat Clean Bro is turning this notion on its head by delivering freshly cooked, organic, healthy meals right to customers’ doors. 

“It was not until I began bodybuilding as a teenager that I discovered the true art behind the generic term ‘eating clean,’” says Eat Clean Bro President and Founder Jamie Giovinazzo. “I saw the way proper nutrition and diet could transform the body and I was fascinated by the entire concept that simply prepping meals could completely change the way I looked and felt.” 

Giovinazzo’s idea to embark on an entrepreneurial journey was sparked by a conversation he had when he was 19 years old. In the gym one day, a stranger asked him what he ate, and if he would be able to cook for him. 

“I began cooking for this guy and eventually cooking for his whole office,” Giovinazzo says. “I had no business or culinary experience, and ended up blowing my dad’s kitchen apart keeping up with demand.” 

While the experience of cooking out of his parents’ kitchen was short lived, it was successful, and it pushed Giovinazzo to pursue his now new dream of starting his own business – though it wasn’t easy. 

After years of struggling and going out of business seven times, the same passion, drive and determination that Giovinazzo channels during his workouts in the gym shined through, and, in 2013, Eat Clean Bro was finally born. 

Today, the company has approximately 110 employees, including cooks, manufacturers, order fulfillment workers, a customer service team and drivers. Eat Clean Bro delivers thousands of meals a day, and Giovinazzo says the company expects to reach $16 million in sales in 2020. 

Customers can choose from a wide variety of healthy meals online, which are then chef-prepared overnight at Eat Clean Bro’s kitchen locations in Freehold, New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia. Deliveries go out the next day in refrigerated trucks, and are delivered right to customers doors in refrigerated bags. 

“When it comes to freshly prepared food, I don’t know if anyone is doing it faster than us,” Giovinazzo says. 

In addition to his dedicated team and love for food, Giovinazzo credits some of Eat Clean Bro’s success to social media. The company has 180,000 followers on Instagram and serves many celebrity clients including major professional sports athletes, musicians and various other entertainers. 

“Our singular, driving purpose is to inspire change,” Giovinazzo says. “Eat Clean Bro’s mission has always been, and will continue to be, a concerted effort to make the world healthier and happier as a whole.”

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