Create Fresh Flatbreads in an Instant

Swiss-based Flatev moves to Rutgers Food Innovation Center.

People love a freshly baked tortilla filled with their favorite ingredients – the smell, texture and taste all make for a delicious eating experience. The average person, however, simply does not have the time to prepare and bake fresh tortillas from scratch whenever they get a craving. This is where Flatev comes in. The Swiss-based company has developed a table-top, single-serve baking system that gives people the ability to create delicious flatbreads quickly and easily without a mess.

“The business began as a result of my interest in producing authentic, healthy tortillas, just like my mother made for me when I was a child growing up in Mexico,” says Carlos Ruiz, founder, CEO and chairman of Flatev.

He adds that prepackaged tortillas are convenient, but lack a quality, fresh taste and are often unhealthy. However, making a tortilla from scratch is messy and takes too long if you want a quick snack.

In 2012, Ruiz and the Flatev team decided to combine the best aspects of authentic baking with affording consumers the ability to make fresh flatbreads in minutes.

It’s not a coincidence that Flatev has been called the Keurig for flatbreads. In fact, the machine utilizes pods of dough similar to a standard, single-serve coffee machine. The dough pods, which come in a wide array of flavors including chili and cinnamon, are placed in the machine that presses the dough and bakes it at temperatures up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit. In minutes, a fresh flatbread slides into a warmer and is ready to serve.

“We’ve noticed that people want transparency when it comes to food,” Ruiz says. “People want real [authentic and healthy] food. … Our artisan baking system produces organic, all natural tortillas and flatbreads, which are non-GMO and contain no artificial preservatives or additives. The hot, just-baked tortillas, which are ready in less than two minutes, are scrumptious, fresh and carry an amazing aroma.”

The company recently established its first worldwide headquarters in Bridgeton, where it will produce its signature single serve dough pods at the Rutgers Food Innovation Center (Rutgers FIC). At this point, roughly 1,200 square feet of space will be used by the company.

“One of the keys for locating in New Jersey was Rutgers University. Rutgers FIC allowed us to ramp up our production line [in a cost effective way]. It provided infrastructure as well as mentoring,” Ruiz says. “Another thing about New Jersey is the outstanding market and all of the consumers you can reach within a short distance.”

Flatev plans to test the Artisan Tortilla Maker in the hospitality industry in late 2017, and hopes to launch into hospitality in early 2018.

Lou Cooperhouse, executive director of the Rutgers FIC, adds, “We believe that Flatev’s growth can be quite substantial in both retail and foodservice markets.”


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