Chemours Company: A Manufacturing Champion at Chambers Works

The Chemours Company is a global chemical business with approximately 6,600 employees working at 29 manufacturing sites, serving some 2,900 customers in 120 countries. Founded in 2015 as a spinoff of DuPont, the company’s headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware. Its Chambers Works site, located between Pennsville and Carneys Point, Salem County, originally was a DuPont facility, where it began manufacturing smokeless gunpowder back in 1892. In 1938, Teflon was invented at the site, and during World War II, top-secret research was conducted at the location for the Manhattan Project, which lead to the creation of the atomic bomb.

Today, Chemours’ Chambers Works facility manufactures Krytox™, Viton™, Capstone™ and dry films. These products are part of Chemours’ Advanced Performance Materials business. These industry-leading high-performance materials serve a broad range of markets and segments, including clean energy, semiconductors, smart devices, automotive, aerospace, medical devices and communications.

Approximately 400 people work at the Chambers Works site, which is undergoing continuous improvements. According to Troy Blanchard, plant manager, the facility is working on a long-term plan for growth. “Some of this growth is internal to support our business, but we are also looking to attract additional tenants to our site,” Blanchard says. The site encompasses 1,450 acres, of which 25% is being used for current operations, 50% for wildlife habitat and nature trails, and 25% of which is open for development by Chemours or future tenants.

Blanchard says the business climate throughout the northeastern United States can best be described as challenging due to supply chain issues and meeting regulatory requirements. However, he adds that Chemours is committed to South Jersey. “We will continue to navigate any challenges as this site has done for many years,” he said. “We have been working with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and Choose New Jersey to attract new tenants here. We have consistently heard from potential tenants that rising electricity costs are a disadvantage for locating in the state, but Chemours is committed to working with policymakers to improve the opportunities for business growth in our communities.”

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