The ‘BAC’ Has Got Your Back

The New Jersey Business Action Center facilitates international trade.

Created by the Christie Administration, the New Jersey Business Action Center (BAC) plays a key role in helping grow, retain and attract business to the state. In the realm of international trade, it states, “Our International Business Advocates, from the Office of International Business Development & Protocol, can help your company access free export and import consulting, identify buyers and new international markets for your products or services, find partners for joint ventures and strategic alliances, and take advantage of financing opportunities and site selection services for new investors seeking a corporate presence in the state.”

The Business Action Center tells New Jersey Business that when a company is interested in growing through export opportunities, the first phone call it should make is to the BAC at (866) 534-7789.

Lauren Moore, BAC’s interim executive director, explains, “There is no need for a company to perform research before contacting the BAC, and that phone call is the first right step. Our Business Advocates will then discuss details about their company and the objectives the company has in terms of exporting. From the small, newly-formed business looking to gain an understanding on ‘how to begin the process of international trade,’ to assisting an established firm looking to penetrate a particular international market, the Business Advocates are an essential resource for exporting opportunities.”

Overall, he says, “Many times there is a misconception that international trade is something in which only large companies participate. This is simply not the case. In fact, 97 percent of all US exporters are small- and mid-sized businesses. There are many great government resources available to New Jersey businesses to ensure that the process is efficient and the business has every opportunity to succeed internationally.”

After an initial conversation with the company, the BAC International Advocate will meet with a company one-on-one to discuss specific goals, assess the company’s needs and provide consulting services to help develop a viable export plan. The office will then help research and provide guidance on where and how to begin the process of exporting. It also has experts that can provide guidance regarding foreign cultural and protocol information.

Moore adds, “We can also assist the business in making the appropriate contacts for potential sales opportunities. Further, there are programs available that assist a business with finding distributors, wholesalers, and/or agents. These are invaluable resources for companies as they look for new opportunities to sell their products and begin taking the steps of penetrating new markets.”

In broader terms, for the year 2013, New Jersey’s largest export partners were: Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Japan. Visit for additional information about both the Business Action Center and international trade.

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