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This year, the Rescue Mission of Trenton will celebrate its 100th anniversary. However, its mission of helping the homeless, the hungry and those with addiction, has remained the same since its inception.

“For 100 years, the Rescue Mission of Trenton has been a place for individuals to come, who have nowhere else to turn,” says Mary Gay Abbott-Young, the organization’s CEO. “Every day, we strive to make a difference in the lives of those who truly need help.”

The Rescue Mission serves those in need throughout the Trenton community and Mercer County. It does this through various programs and services with funding by the State of New Jersey, donations from various companies, individuals and through volunteer work. Additionally, approximately 30 percent of its annual operating revenue is through the resale and salvage of donated clothing, furniture and other items at the Mission’s Store in Trenton, according to Abbott-Young.

Offering those with addictions help is one program the Rescue Mission offers. In this endeavor, long-term residential treatment is provided, which includes a halfway house for “individuals who need time to transition into or out of treatment, with a goal of obtaining employment or other life skills,” according to Abbott-Young. An outpatient clinic is also provided for those who seek substance abuse treatment.

The Rescue Mission also provides permanent housing, where residents receive services that include medical supervision, meals, counseling and a work therapy and life skills program. Additionally, it has the only emergency shelter in Mercer County licensed by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), to serve single men and women.

“While clients are in our shelter, our staff works to help link them to community programs that will address the pressing needs and issues contributing to their homelessness,” notes Abbott-Young.

However, she says, what separates the Rescue Mission from other entities with similar services is its extensive job training and work program.

“Our TEACH Program provides GED preparation, basic literacy tutoring, and computer/word processing skills through classroom instruction and tutoring by volunteers,” she says. “We also have a job placement program for our residents, so we can help those who have completed the requirements re-enter the community with hopes of securing employment. It is one of the most important things we do here. Providing our clients with the skills and an outlet to gain employment is vital in helping them stay off the streets, to not starve and start a life for themselves.”

Abbott-Young says that it has been “striking” as to how the Rescue Mission has been able to grow and expand programs, but at its core, it always remains the same.

“All we want to do is help people in need rebuild their lives,” she concludes. “And, although it is never enough – because we always wish we can do more and help more people – we are proud of what we do and are impressed at how Mercer County and the Trenton community come together to support our mission.”


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